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Flower care tips
How do I keep my bouquet flowers fresh?
1. Upon receiving our bouquets, keep them upright/slanted at 45 degrees as there's a considerable amount of water in it to keep the flowers fresh.
2. You can either unwrap the bouquet & place them in a vase, or you can simply place them at your favourite spot without tearing them up.
3. To ensure its freshness, keep bouquets out of direct sunlight & place them in cooling areas.
4. Cooling areas do not equate to our food fridge as:
i) the water in your bouquet will spill
ii) our food fridge will absorb moisture out of the flowers, causing them to dry up & wilt. Placing the bouquets in air-conditioned room or non-humid rooms is absolutely fine.
5. Clean your vase (if you've placed them in there), trim the bottom of the stems about 0.5cm in length, & change water daily to ensure longeivity of flowers.
**Note: flower food is not necessary to add into water. Fresh tap water is sufficient for fresh cut flowers to last longer.
How do I keep my vase flowers fresh?

1. Upon receiving your flowers, keep your flowers away from direct sunlight and/or hot humid areas. It'll be best to place them in cooling areas.

2. Do NOT place flowers in your food fridge as our food fridge will absorb moisture out of the flowers, causing them to dry up & wilt. Placing the bouquets in air-conditioned room or non-humid rooms is absolutely fine.

3. Clean your vase and change out to fresh tap water once every two days, this is to prevent dirt to build up under and inside the vase which will cause flower stems to rot. 

4. Trim the bottom of the flower stems at a slanted angle (~45 degrees), about 0.5cm away. Flowers absorb water from its stem instead of petals, so by cutting away blocked openings under the stem, your flowers will be able to last slightly longer when they're able to have fresh water to drink.

Where do your flowers come from?
Unfortunately like all things in Singapore, everything is imported. Singapore doesn't have her own flower farms due to our humidity level and warm temperature all year round. We get them from our local flower markets where all of our flowers are imported from over 10 countries mainly Taiwan, Malaysia, Italy and Holland.

We do occasionally source our flowers and foliage from plant nurseries to give a unique touch to our arrangements.
How long can fresh flowers last in Singapore?
An average of 3 to 4 days' lifespan.
They can last longer depending on the environment that you place them in (ie air-con/cooling rooms). Different rooms have different density/humidity which can cause the flower to either last/wilt. In this case, we cannot 100% guarantee a longer lifespan. But do rest assured that we will only use the freshest and prettiest blooms for your flower arrangement.
How can I preserve my fresh flowers?
Unfortunately we do not have the proper skills and materials to preserve your flowers for you. However through our own trial and error experiences, this is our advice on how to air dry your flowers:

1. Before the flowers start to wilt (about 4-5 days after you received the wrapped bouquet), unwrap the flowers if you haven't. Make sure to drain out all the water from the bouquet.
2. Tie them upside down, away from direct sunlight/wind/humid places (ie bathrooms/kitchen).
3. When flower stems have hardened, the drying process is complete. You can place them back into vase/containers.

For vase arrangements, find a string or ribbon to bundle the flowers together and hang them upside down to airdry. 
*Note: not every flowers can dry nicely, especially hollow stem flowers like ranunculus, peonies, tulips, hyacinths etc. Do note that this is a trial & error process as different rooms & different locations in Singapore will have different humidity level. We cannot guarantee you that your flowers will all be dried up
There are also other ways of preserving your flowers, using silica gel and/or resins. Do contact the relevant experts for this process as we do not specialise in preserving fresh flowers (:
Delivery / collection
Delivery schedule
We deliver flowers islandwide (unavailable to certain restricted areas, refer below) in Singapore from Mondays to Saturdays, except public holidays and selected dates.
We DO NOT deliver to restricted areas (with exceptions*) such as:
1. ALL offshore islands: Pulau Ubin, Pulau Tekong, St John's Island, Kusu Island
2. ALL MINDEF/SAF (Singapore Armed Forced, Republic of Singapore Air Force, Republic of Singapore Navy) military area, army camp, air base, naval base, ammo base and store, ammo command and building. Including Gombak Base, Central Manpower Base, Defence Technology Tower B, Defence Technology Tower A, all DSO buildings, all DSTA buildings and offices, all FSD buildings and offices and all SID building and offices
3. ALL MHA/SPF/SCDF/Singapore Prisons buildings such as New Phoenix Park, Special Operation Command, Coast Guard Brani Base, Home Team Academy, SCDF Training Academy, SCDF Nee Soon Camp, Woodlands Checkpoint, Tuas Checkpoint, Changi Prisons, Sembawang Prisons and Admiralty West Prisons
4. All ports and port supporting buildings in Singapore including PSA Tanjong Pagar Terminal, PSA Pasir Panjang Terminal, PSA Keppel Terminal, PSA Brani Terminal, and Jurong Port
5. Sembawang Shipyard
6. All airports, air base and its supporting facilities such as Changi Airport, Seletar Airport, Seletar Aerospace Park, Airline House, ALPS area, SATS buildings and dnata buildings.
7. Facilities of Chemical Plants (such as Esso, Shell, Caltex, SPC), Data Centre, Engine Test Centre (such as SIA Engine Centre, Trend Engine Centre), Power Station and Shipyard natures.
8. High-Covid risk facilities (ie ALL hospitals, clinics, SHN hotels/facilities. We reserve the rights to reject & refund your order)
However, *exceptions such as delivering to pick-up points from the listed locations above is allowed. Please ensure that recipient is there to collect the flowers within the stated time slot. We will only wait up to 3 minutes if allowed at the vicinity/by the security.
If you missed the delivery collection at the pick-up point by more than 10 minutes, a re-delivery charge of $15 will be applied (view details at section below). Alternatively, you can collect the bouquet at a later time or the following day from our studio.
Time slots for delivery is as follow:

Mon - Sat
1. 10-6pm (flexible islandwide delivery)
​2. 10-2pm
3. 2-6pm
4. Express 2 hours (any 2-hours time range between 10am to 6pm ie 10-12pm/11-1pm etc) + $15
*Delivery timings will differ for peak seasons such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day etc*
We've engaged an external courier team but from time to time, we will personally see to the deliveries ourselves. The expressions & reactions of recipients never fail to make our day.
That said, we will do our very best to accommodate to your preferred timings but do understand that various factors such as heavy traffic can cause a slight delay, especially during peak seasons like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas etc. Should there be any delay, we will inform you personally via text/email & refund for delivery charges will be made immedaitely.
Redelivery / redirection charges
It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the recipient will be at the delivery address on the date and time you stated during the order confirmation.

​We will not be held responsible for late or non-delivery under these conditions:
1. Incorrect address given by sender
2. No such person upon delivery
3. Recipient is not in at the time & place of delivery
4. No valid contact number given
5. Recipient did not answer the phone
Any redirection/redelivery within the next 24 hours will incur an additional surcharge of $15.
Our delivery person will call the recipient & wait up to a maximum of 10 minutes before leaving the flowers with the receptionist or at the door. A picture will be taken & send to you to show that delivery was successfully done.

As time has lapsed, we will NOT be liable for any loss/damaged of flowers from that point onwards. The same goes for self-collection items, we will not be responsible once the bouquet has been checked & collected.
Self-collection is NOT available except for bridal collections, which is strictly based on appointment basis.
Design of flower arrangements
Can you replicate the same design for me?
As much as we'd love to, unfortunately we can't.
Most flowers are subjected to seasonality, hence flowers used in the arrangement may vary due to its availability. Also, due to its peculiarities in shades & sizes, we might not be able to recreate the same arrangement even with the same type of flowers.
We can, however, recreate similar color schemes upon request. We also reserve the rights to substitute with a similar & suitable flower/material at our discretion should there be any shortages of flowers.

We also do NOT replicate other florists' work out of love and respect for their creativity. We strongly believe in originality & integrity, Singapore's flower community is small and we'd love to uplift each other instead of creating unanimosity and unnecessary drama amongst each other. Furthermore, each florist has their own unique style of flower design, as much as we can replicate by using the same type and color of flowers, the look and feel will still be different. TLDR; we will NOT replicate others' design. We hope for your kind understanding towards this (:
I love this particular design from other florists/you, can you help me recreate?
Floral arrangements are pieces of artwork & skills honed from years of experiences from each individual florists. As much as we'd love to do something that you'd love & desire, we also respect out florist peers greatly. We will NOT be duplicating their works but do rest assured we can do something of a similar color scheme, with our own twist to create something unique just for you.
Ultimately, the arrangement should reflect the recipient's personality & preferences, rather than something that was crafted for another (:
Send in your request via email: / or whatsapp: 8780 7410 & we will tend to you during our non-peak period from Mon to Wed, 11am-6pm. For urgent matters, please give us a call.
Bridal / wedding flowers
Why is your reply frequency so slow?!
We truly apologise for this issue. Allow us to explain:
1) We are only a small team of florists, with Amy (founder & head florist) and her small team of part-timers crafting & fulfilling daily orders.
2) Thursdays to Sundays are usually packed with wedding orders hence we will NOT be able to reply on whatsapp nor email during these days. If it's an urgent matter and you require assistance immediately on the day itself/next 2-3 days, do give a call instead at 8780 7410.
Please do NOT use whatsapp call as we will not get notifications there if we are on 'Do Not Disturb' mode.
3) Our replies will be much more prompt during Mondays to Wednesdays when we are not packed with weddings/daily orders
4) Mode of discussions for wedding enquiries are best kept to a single platform, we prefer emails so it'll be easier to refer to instead of chunks of messages on whatsapp
5) Please DO NOT spam us emails/messages, it'll make your email treads harder to read or worse, your emails will end up in the junk mailbox. Other emails will be flooded down & we will miss them out
6) Our reply rate will be significantly slower during the following peak period:
- Valentine's, Mother's Day, Chinese New Year, Christmas, wedding peaks (if your wedding date is calculated by Fengshui Master, you'll roughly know which date & months are auspicious. That's also when we'll be overwhelmed with orders)
7) We DO NOT reply during Public Holidays and/or Sundays as it's our only resting break. We might be away on selected dates so do look out for our announcement on our social platforms and announcement bar above.
8) We will usually prioritise weddings that are upcoming within a month so communications will be more prompt to finalise & confirm all details in your order
As our team expand, we will definitely find the suitable person to solely reply to your enquiries, until then, we seek your kind understanding & patience for us.
Thank you so much for reading (:
Bridal bouquet/bridesmaids posy care tips
1. Protective wrapper & water bag will be attached to bouquets
2. Keep bouquets upright if not water will seep out
3. Place bouquets in cooling areas (best will be air-conditioned room or rooms with cooling ventilations
4. Do NOT put flowers into food fridge as moisture & density is different from flower fridge
5. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight and/or wind
6. Do NOT keep flowers in car boot or car without air-con/ventilation
7. Remove wrappers & water bag upon use
8. Do NOT spray water on flower petals as flowers don't absorb water from petals. Too much water will damage and/or rot the petals
Boutonnieres, wrist corsages, floral crowns care tips

Store flowers in fridge but ONLY FRUITS & VEGETABLES COMPARTMENT
(Only fruits & veg compartment has similar temperature & moisture as a flower fridge)

Do you provide car flowers?
We have discontinued car decoration flowers and won't be bringing them back in the foreseeable future due to the inconsistent supply and quality of materials from our suppliers.
Dried/preserved bridal bouquet care tips
1. Place bouquet away from direct sunlight/heat/wind as flowers are very fragile

2. Do NOT touch flowers excessively as preserved & dried flowers are sensitive to touch

3. Avoid getting bouquet wet as they are chemically treated, flowers will be damaged if in contact with water/moisture

4. Flowers can last up to 2-3 years depending on the condition/environment where you store/place the flowers. Humidifier near dried/preserved flowers will prevent flowers from mold.
Mums' appreciation bouquet flower care tips
1. Place bouquet upright as there's a water bag wrapped around the stems

2. Keep away from direct sunlight, heat & wind

3. Do NOT spray water on flower petals as flowers don't absorb water from petals. Too much water will damage and/or rot the petals

4. Do NOT squeeze bouquet as wrappers will be flattened. Hold the bouquet where the ribbons are tied on
Venue flowers set-up/installations
Please visit our Timeline Guide page for a detailed explanation of the whole booking process.

If you still have any unanswered queries about our booking process, kindly drop us an email at and we will get back to you within 2-3 business days.
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