amyt founder of amytfleur, holding a white & green theme bridal bouquet


"Take care of the things and people around you, and they will take care of you when the time comes."

 - Amy T,
Founder & head florist

alstroemeria logo amytfleur

amytfleur is founded by Amy in 2018, curating floral arrangements with clients in mind. Each bouquet is uniquely designed to represent our couple's personality and will never be replicated in the same way.


As amytfleur grows over the years, our style evolves from whimsical, to minimalist and now adopting a wabi-sabi, all natural design because we always believe that 'Less is More'.

 Each stem of flower and foliage has its own beauty, from their unique combination of colors on their petals to the curvature of each stems, we want you to be able to see, feel, and appreciate them as it is.


Our Core Values

Honesty / Transparency / Responsibility / Accountability / Mindfulness


Our Vision

We aim to be the brand that people trust and can relate to because we promise honesty and transparency in our processes as well as our pricings.

We strive to practice and make mindful, sustainable choices towards each arrangement so that the world and Singapore can continue to be greener, and a beautiful place to be in.


Our Mission

To curate timeless floral design that reflects the relationship our couples share, and to also allow the personality of each client to shine through on their special occasion. Flowers can be a form of language and they will speak to you with our careful selection.


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