Tips: How to keep your bridal bouquet fresh

4 tips to keep your bridal bouquet fresh throughout your wedding day:

1. Flowers can only last ~2 hours without water under our hot & humid SG weather. Prepare a vase with fresh water or refill our water bag with water so that you can let the stems absorb water when they’re not in use

2. Keep flowers away from strong sunlight and heat whenever not in use. Do NOT leave your flowers in the hot & stuffy car as they’ll wilt faster even with water

3. Do not touch flower petals excessively as they’re sensitive to touch & will bruise easily

4. Do not throw/toss your bouquet or handle them violently, flower petals will also be bruised, wilted, or broken if mishandled

Many factors will come into play for flowers to turn bad on your wedding day:
- the weather
- the type of flowers used in your bouquet
- the number of hours you’ve been using the flowers without letting flower stems be in water or cooling area
- how well you handle your flowers throughout the day


Of course as florists, we have to do our due diligence too. Rest assured we will always quality check multiple times before your appointed collection timing because we can’t stand damaged flowers too.

However, there's only so much we can do to care & condition your wedding day flowers at our studio prior to your arrival. Once the flowers leave our care, the responsibilities will also fall into their new owners’ ie your hands to take care of your flowers. All our bridal flowers come with care tips card in case you missed out or are unsure about our brief during collection.

Our bridal flowers collection will usually be a day prior, it’s best for clients to stick to their appointed collection timing. If you’d need to collect your flowers earlier, do let us know a day prior so that we can make the necessary arrangements as collection days (Fridays & Saturdays) will be hectic for us with multiple orders that we might miss your calls/texts prior to your arrival.


Lastly, we’re only dealing with fresh flowers at the moment so it’s unfortunate that they don’t last nor are they as perfect as faux flowers. We also wish fresh flowers can stay pretty but such is life, right? 😮‍💨
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