Kin + Christine


This was one of the memorable venue set-up we had back in August 2022. 

Kin & Christine had a zoom meeting with me prior to confirmation of our services and I remember vividly that they did up a PowerPoint slides about their relationship. I won't divulge more about that meeting but all I can say is that even till now (5 months later), the famous TikTok music "Into The Thick Of It" is still stuck in my mind and ears whenever I reminisce about their wedding flowers LOL 'cuz fyi their theme was based on that song.

They had an intimate solemnisation ceremony in the day at Keyaki restaurant, situated in Pan Pacific and then a dinner banquet at The English House along Mohamed Sultan Road. 

Our set-up started as early as 8am, finished by 11am and then coming back again at 2:30pm to transport all the flowers from Keyaki to English House.

We repurposed the hedges and strategically placed them at empty spaces in English House so that there will be more photo spots for guests. 

Fun fact, I was 6 weeks prior to my labour (at 34th week pregnant) and I was still running around / squatting / lifting the heavy floor hedges. All the service staffs at Keyaki and English House were super helpful and nice, constantly asking me not to move around or lift too much lol.

Overall, super chilled and fun couple, loved how the flowers turned out.
[Pictures credit: iPhone]
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