Collection: Workshops

What will you learn in this floral arrangement course?

We offer a range of floral arrangement classes in Singapore, as well as private flower arranging class for corporate events or for personal skills upgrade:

  • Flower bouquet workshop 
  • Dried flower bouquet workshop
  • Flower vase class
  • Basket flower arrangement
  • Korean flower arrangement course singapore
  • Table centrepiece flower arrangements

Learn about the types of flowers, flower meaning, flower bouquet color combinations and most importantly, flower arrangement techniques in our floral arrangement class in Singapore. Learn about the different tools and mechanism used in our flower bouquet workshop and other floral arrangement classes, how different vessels and medium will impact the end result of your flower arrangements.

Our flower arrangement course is suitable for beginners and we also provide professional floral arrangement courses from time to time. We will invite international florists from Korea, Australia, China, Europe to share their design techniques and the art of floral arranging. In these professional courses, we will also teach you to create  designs for various floral settings that can create different moods and atmosphere perfect for the event.

At amytfleur, we want you to learn, have fun, and be with Nature. 


  1. Contemporary flowers design class with Lalune Flower (12 August 2023)
  2. Korean style flower arrangement course with Aiden Floral Atelier (7 and 8 October 2023)